A landlord from Hampshire has been jailed after failing to declare capital gains tax of £157,725 from the sale of rental properties.

Richard Fuller was jailed for two years and three months after an HMRC investigation found he hadn’t declared the profit gained from the sale of properties in the Aldershot area between 2006 and 2013. He was arrested at Gatwick airport in 2014 after returning from a holiday to Turkey.

He was found guilty at Winchester Crown Court of cheating the public revenue and fraud by false representation. Judge Andrew Barnett said, “The jury found you guilty of dishonesty. This is a serious matter, you deliberately failed to pay your capital gains tax over several years.”

Richard Wilkinson, assistant director at HMRC’s fraud investigation service, said, “Fuller thought he was above the law and decided not to declare or pay the tax due from the sale of some of his property portfolio. It is simply not acceptable to steal from UK taxpayers.

“HMRC will continue to pursue those who attempt to hide their gains on assets, their income, and investigate those who attack the tax system.”

The Revenue will now seek to recover the proceeds of Fuller’s crimes through confiscation.

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